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Frequent Answered Questions

Hey, Alan! I waited and waited and you did not answer my question.
I enjoy Excel and Access programming. I enjoy putting this stuff on the web to help you. I do not have time to answer all the questions I get. This website is hit about 325 times a day which translates to every 4 minutes. Somedays, 1% of you write with a question. I get to a few of those. Sorry!
Can I write a formula for figuring out the most likely Lottery numbers?
No, years ago a friend got me the list of the winning numbers from the Missouri Lottery for the last 5 years. I spent 3 days writing a routine that would figure out the highest frequency numbers. Then the frequency of what they hit with. (No, I threw away the code). The Missouri site has a place where you may download a spreadsheet with previous combinations. Enjoy!
Is there a way to translate my Excel 4. macros to Excel 95 or later language?
In the early days, this was the most asked question. I wanted this thing too because I was not ready to learn a new language. My friend Mira explained that I would never progress if I did not “bite the bullet” and learn the new procedures. Here is what I did. I took an application I had written in Excel 4.0 and the MACROFUN.HLP and went instruction by instruction changing to the new language. In ancient times, when software came boxed, Excel 3.0 had a book that explained each macro function. I found one in a garage sale.
I need to calculate for time cards for people that work overnight.
I do not do time!!  Look at my TIME examples. If it is not there, I do not know how. Go to my links page and find another “expert”.
I want to keep up with the checks I am writing.
Hey, folks! Now, really ... have you seen the price of Quicken and MS Money? I use them. Quicken links and downloads the value of my investments nightly. It takes care of the checks and deposits and even lets me print checks directly from the interface.
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